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Being that Shopify were being such dicks, I jumped ship and I’m almost done with building a brand new one using Visaprint as the host. This is what it will look like.


And I’m also working on new ideas,


As well as doing Challenge coins as rings.

20160722_011349-1 20160722_011402-1 20160722_011515-1

Although this one is the Marines, I’ll also have the Army, Navy & Airforce rings as well for I’ve found a local supplier of the coins. They will list for $45 for at 3 hours of work per coin/ring, they are a bitch to do. The Earrings will be between $10 – $20 depending on if it’s 1, 2 or 3 coins used. I will also be adding bracelets as well as necklaces and maybe chokers.



Quarter choker that Catherine made.

So sit back, by the first week of Aug the new site will be online and you all can see it and judge or yourself.



I’m yet again shutting down, temporary, the website. The cause, because those pricks at Shopify are doing all they can to force me to use their payment gateway which means they not only get a cut of my sales but I need a bank account to get freakin paid! I HATE BANKS! I have to deal with them because of our mortgage, I won’t be pressured to deal with them when it comes to the website.

Therefore, I’m shutting it down until I can set up one with a host that freely allows me to do it my way in using only paypal. That way all sales are credited to my debit card. In the meantime, I’m going ahead with the powder coating using a clear coat of the rings I have already in stock and anyone that wants one can contact me either here or through the Standing Bear facebook page. It’s my full intention to have a new site up and running no later than laborday.

I never knew why, but my mother could never bring herself to use the word “seizure” when it came to my being Epileptic. She always used the term “Flipped out”. So, after 53 years, I myself use it whenever I have a seizure. They’re rare now, maybe 1 or 2 a year as opposed to every hour like it was when I was little. And yet, I do not mention it to people, not even when I worked for others. The very first time I ever applied for a job, I was told straight out that they didn’t hire “my kind”. The fact that I was never treated any differently from my brothers by our mother had given me the false sense that others wouldn’t see me as different either, what an idiot I was at the time.

So tonight, when I flipped out and almost crushed the small dog we have, the other one was well out of the landing zone, it got me thinking about all the petty b.s. that we let come between us as a people. We continue to see one another by ones skin color, or if the other guy can walk or not. By the way one prays or how they vote. We set ourselves up to judge people that we know nothing about and yet when others do the same to us we take offense. We kill one another without thought of what impact it will have. The recent shootings of another 2 black men as well as the cops in Dallas testify to that. After 1,000’s of years of so called “civilization” and we still cannot bring ourselves to see past our petty narrow mindedness. To see that skin color is simply a matter of pigment, that voting party lines will in the end change nothing and that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only result in the whole world being blind and toothless.

So strive in your life not to be a racist prick. Open your mind and if you have to judge a man, judge them not by the color of their skin or their physical/mental abilities. But by the content of their character.