I’m yet again shutting down, temporary, the website. The cause, because those pricks at Shopify are doing all they can to force me to use their payment gateway which means they not only get a cut of my sales but I need a bank account to get freakin paid! I HATE BANKS! I have to deal with them because of our mortgage, I won’t be pressured to deal with them when it comes to the website.

Therefore, I’m shutting it down until I can set up one with a host that freely allows me to do it my way in using only paypal. That way all sales are credited to my debit card. In the meantime, I’m going ahead with the powder coating using a clear coat of the rings I have already in stock and anyone that wants one can contact me either here or through the Standing Bear facebook page. It’s my full intention to have a new site up and running no later than laborday.