Well, Since a few days after Christmas I’ve been in the workshop playing with the lathe and new drill press that Mae got me. And for the past week, I’ve been making Pens. So far, I’ve made 8. Gave 1 to a friend, and the misses took one. 2 I’m keeping for myself. The rest are for sale for $25 ea.

15941445_10208154762615969_8575283146100128417_n  15965973_10208149823732500_8802758603501060424_n 15966300_10208142678553875_8841055322661682046_n 15977125_10208147777001333_8906802163080165829_n 15977925_10208149824012507_7814405285449701546_n


The Misses took this one.


And I’m keeping these 2.

15871562_10208119840142929_576260416945205606_n 15966064_10208127259648412_1254187053490412246_n

Most of these have wooden bodies that were turned on the lathe. A couple have Acrylic bodies that also were shaped on the lathe. Anyone that wants one can contact me through the Standing Bear Facebook page. Bullet pens by the way will be between $50 – $75 depending of it wood is used like the one pictured right above, it uses a piece from a Jack Daniels whisky barrel, or deer antler.