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How many will help?

As some of you know I used to do T-Shirts. Fact I did them for 15 years until places like Cafe Press, Zazzle and alike made it impossible to make any real money. So, in the years since I have been slowly working on putting together a pretty decent workshop. Been doing a few coin rings, metal casting. But my real love ever since Jr high has been woodworking. To that end, I’ve been doing pens and a few tables, working right now and an urn and have a combo lamp/table in the design stage that will have a wooden table top and for the legs, copper pipe. But I really want to put a CNC Machine in the shop and take my stuff to the next level.

To that end, I have just launched a go fund me campaign in order to raise the money. I would sincerely appreciate it if you all could either donate or at least share the link. Thank you for your support.


Well, it’s been a busy summer around here. First off, our oldest son, Michael. will be starting at Dennison University at the end of the month.


Then, I was told that I’m a Diabetic. Something that wasn’t really unexpected being that it’s on both sides of my family and is what killed my father back in 1994. Never being one to let shit like that get to me, I’ve been in my workshop toying around with new ideas, most of which will involve getting a CNC machine. Now those machines are not cheap, anywhere from a grand to a $100,000+. So, be the end of this week, I’ll be launching a go fund me page that I hopeĀ  will allow me to raise the money. Once the page is up and running, I’ll post the link to it on here.

The link below is to a new youtube channel that although only just started today and has only 4 videos at present, they will be adding more daily, is worth checking out. If you like seeing someone else fail or be downright stupid, and lets face it who doesn’t, go check them out.