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Well, had seen someone in a pen group I belong to try this and thought hell, if they can do it so can I. I’m calling them popsicle stick pens but really they’re the size of a tongue depressor. Picked up a pack of them the other day at Michael’s and made a video of my making the second one last night. Video is below, enjoy.


Over the past few months I have been concentrating on perfecting my bandsaw boxes. Plus of course making xmas gifts. The Boxes below are a few of the ones I’ve done lately, versions of which will be going on sale next month.


Small Jewelry box made from Spalted Maple with Coco Bolo drawer pulls.


Small Jewelry box made from Spalted Maple with Coco Bolo drawer pulls.


Bank. Made from Spalted Maple.



Just added the Revolver Pen to the website. The one pictured below was done using Burmese Redwood, it is a click pen and is the first version to be added. There is another version of this pen that I’ll be adding soon. The price on these will be $55.00

Now that my back has straightened out, been back in the workshop working of new pens as well as some celtic knot pens. And have just added the celtic knot design to the options in the Hybrid section of the website.

 Cigar Pen done in Burmese Rosewood


 Celtic Knot Pen. The top is dyed Maple with a reg maple inlay. Bottom is Acrylic.


Red Spalted Tamarind.


 Yellow Spalted Tamarind with Snakewood center.

Come tomorrow, I plan to order a laser engraver plus a jig that will enable me to engrave the pen a full 360 degrees. Can’t wait until I can start offering the engraving.

Ever heard of Snakewood? It’s an exotic hardwood, I had to sharpen my tools 4 times making this, from South America that gets its name from the snake like markings it has.

As you can see, they make very beautiful pens. At the moment, I only have one made in the slimline style. The link to it is below

This is the Skull Pen, It is a twist pen and has just now gone on sale on the website at the link below.

As you can see below, I’ve added the following options to the pens. The woods and Acrylics listed below is just the start of new options one can order. A few have not yet been added for I don’t have examples of them made up yet that would show off the blank once it was made. But, remember I’m adding more every month.



I’m also working making Wizard Wands. Below is my first one made from Maple and stained with a walnut stain to give it an Antiqued, weathered look.

Finished this last night, the first slimline done in a satin finish with an Olive wood body. This and the black finish I must admit are my favorites when it comes to using a mid to light colored wood.


There’s also this one, a skull pen done in some of the wood I had from the Great Dismal Swamp. This one will be given away soon on my Freaky Paranormal Facebook page. For details on how to enter, just go to the page and see the pinned post.

Below is a Polaris Pen using 200 year old wood that was harvested from the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia. It was just added to the website. The asking price is $80 do to that fact that it does indeed use this wood and it comes with a certificate of Authenticity.



Ordered a couple days ago a pen stand in order to take better pictures for the website. Plus a skull pen kit came and picked up another slimline kit up at Woodcraft along with a nice spalted Tamarind blank that I’m hoping will make a hybrid blank, providing that it doesn’t shatter on me when I drill it. Tomorrow, that Civil War kit as well as that Bog Oak that’s 200+ years old should get here.

Here are the updated photos I took earlier, their already on the website.