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Well, been wondering what I can add to the rings and the earrings and I believe this is it. Tried my hand at cutting some coins, which is way harder than you might think. This is my first attempt at a “puzzle” coin.


Took longer to put it back together than it did to cut it. Plan to set them into pocket watch cases. Also working on 3D coin art as well that will also be set in the cases as well as in other coins.

And last but not least, the new pendants. These have either Jefferson or Buffalo nickels as the front & back set inside a serenity prayer token ring.


I hope to have all this on the website by Thanksgiving


Well, today is Christmas eve, and p.c. or not Merry Christmas to all! As people who read this blog know, I am not a religious person. But to say that a person cannot say “Merry Christmas” to someone because it might “offend” them is BULLSHIT! If someone is so thin skinned that they are offended by someone wish them a Merry Christmas, then screw em. They would be offended by anything that you said.

In less than 3 hours have to pick up the little woman, and we’re all going to a xmas party, a BORING one at that. A boring party hosted by boring people. And all I got to say is that they better have some fuckin beer cause that’s the only way I can deal with they’re fuckin boring, dull bullshit. And now, for today’s designs.