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It would seem as though we of the internet have become so big of a threat that the company in Langley has started pysops against the whole world. It’s nothing new that some in the intell community feel that the handing over of the internet for civilian use was the greatest mistake in all of history and that the internet is now the greatest threat to government. SO, being that they  cannot pull the plug, the company has now the software to “create” users with full backgrounds in order to manipulate and even start events and alter news that gets reported. Now, is this legal? If the company uses it only for overseas ops, yes. The charter of Central Intelligence forbids it from operating within the borders of the United States. But, if they are using this ability here in the U.S., then they are indeed running an illegal operation and it MUST be shut down.

Over the last few years, I myself have noticed the manipulation as well as the omission of the nightly news but local and national. Case in point. The other day I needed to go to the local hardware store to pick up a new outlet. 2 doors down from there is the Innis road post office branch that delivers our mail here in the neighborhood. Just past where you pull into the hardware store to a block past the post office the road was shut down, the post office was full of EMT’s, fire trucks, cops and what looked like the feds. Now you would think that even if it was a drill, something like that would at least get some mention on the local news. In reality it got none, nada, zip. Now that is just one example of what has been going on all around the country in recent years.

So let me just offer a bit of advice, that next blog you read, that next facebook page you like that next news story that somehow doesn’t seem quite right might e legit or it might be run by the spooks at spook central.


Now, I will admit that we do have a facebook page that we preview our new designs on before we post them to our website. And it has been very useful. But, would I ever be stupid enough to buy stock in it? HELL NO! Social media is not for investing in. I don’t care if it’s Facebook, google+, My Space or Twitter. For none of them really sell a product, they sell information, they sell YOU. Don’t get me wrong, all these sites serve a real purpose of connecting people and do a good job at it. But for people who think that they are gonna get rich from it, think again. For only the top of the company really will,the rest will be left behind with only their greed and broken dreams.

In the past week we have seen the NDAA and SOPA passed in the Congress. This two bills will not only censor what you see on the internet, but will give the government the power to throw your ass in prison and hold you without charge all in the name of national security. And what will Obama do, will he veto this crap like he first said he would? No. He has buckled once again and said that he will sign both.

As a student of history, this all reminds me of Germany in the late 20’s, early 30’s. And we all know what happened then. I for one refuse to tow the line. The powers that be are afraid, they are afraid of the Occupy movement, they are afraid of how easy the internet can bring people together, they are afraid of YOU!

I do not know what others might do, but I will now go quietly into the night, I will not give up without a fight!

And now for todays designs.


Well, Today was spent doing two things, changing Mae’s tire from a blow out she had last night and finally upgrading the memory in this. It had 256, the same as when it was new 6 years ago. I added 2 GB to it today and it wasn’t easy to find DDR/SDRAM even at Micro Center. In the 6 years that we’ve had this system, the only other thing that I have ever done to it was install a second hard drive, which gave it a combined 300GB hard drive. And although I admit that it is still no match for the new systems out there today, it’s still a tough little machine who like the energizer bunny keeps goin & goin & goin.