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Okay, so as many here might know, I do art work in real life. That’s what helps pay the bills around here. So, I was recording an update for 2 of the facebook pages that I admin, Freakytees/kustom kastings, and as I was reviewing the video before I posted it, I noticed at least 14 “whispers”. The t.v., radio were off and I didn’t ave the GB-1 on because like I said, I wasn’t doing a session. It seems that the spirits wanted to put their 2 cents in.



This is a quick clip from tonight’s E.V.P. session and the e.v.p.’s are so faint that I almost missed them and yes, you do need earphones.

As I get older, my past seems to be creeping up on me more & more. We all think when we’re young that we’ll live forever and hence do stupid shit. And, if we’re lucky & survive our stupid phase, we slap ourselves on the back & think to ourselves “well, that will be a story to tell the grandkids.”

Of course, what doesn’t go through our mind until we get older, is that when the time comes that those grandkids do come, that we’re going to be paying for all those stupid things we did with pain, loads of pain. Since I’m older, I believe that I have developed arthritis in my lower spine. And being that pain killers either have no effect at all or make me so stoned that I cannot function. I’m left to endure the pain which at times makes it so hard to walk, I just lay here. Of course, this is no way to live, but it is what must be endured. For I’m bound & determined that the pain will not win, that my life’s journey still has miles to go before I cross over & I still have to wait for those grandkids to be born to tell them those stories.


Anyway, below is the link to the latest  ghostbox session. Had to stop for a while cause the latest microsoft updates broke the damn program. So the guy who wrote the program had to come up with the fix which took 10 days to write and an hour to download.

Well, five days and counting until July and hopefully the month that I finally cast copper. Tried again to melt that copper pipe, did get it to fuse together but not to melt!


Did though get another Aluminum skull cast.

20150621_173013 20150621_173023 20150621_173049

And today, we did our very first session at old Union Cemetery. Didn’t get out, jus turned the ghost box on and asked questions as we drove through the graveyard. Got 9 minutes worth of evp’s, and I’ve put a link below to a quick clip that has a creepy 2 for 1 on it.

Will be going back there before the summer is over to do a better session. As well as investigating 2 other locations that have long been rumored here in Columbus to be haunted.

As for the copper, used all the rest of the freakin propane trying to melt the damn shit! But never fear, have some 99%, Oxy-free copper on the way as well as a new crucible that will be used just for the copper. As soon as I have one cast, will post it. Already got a half dozen orders for them even though I haven’t even been able to cast one yet!

As with most mental tea bagging midgets. The one I’ve been taunting just can’t grasp the fact that he lost the argument and keeps on at it. I finally had to tell him, and I used these exact words,

“Now, now. If you don’t behave and take your meds and go to bed like a big boy I’ll have to tell your mommy and have her wash your mouth out with soap.”

I’m sure that will simply piss him off even more but being that being nice didn’t work, maybe being sarcastic will. I doubt it though, these people don’t get sarcasm because of they’re limited mental abilities.

Anyway. There were 4 murders 5 blocks north and 3 houses east of here last week. So I did a session earlier and heres a quick clip from it. Of the 2 questions I asked directly about what happened, they nail both right on the head.


Also did a session at the graveyard where my mother and grandparents are but haven’t went over it yet.

Question to those who read this blog, what do you think of the Tea Party? Please feel free to comment your honest feelings about them,

This is going to be a quick post for I’m heading over to take Jacob to his football practice. The same place where yesterday the video below was filmed. Normally, I sit in the car and watch a movie on the laptop while practice is going on. Yesterday, the movie ended with 15 minutes to kill so I fired up the GB-1 ghost box software now expecting to get anything. Well, the video below you can see that I did indeed get something. In fact, in over 30 years that I have collected E.V.P.’s, this is the most clear and loudest that I have ever recorded and will be trying to repeat it today.

The other night I did a new E.V.P. session. I looped the audio from the GB-1 ghost box software through the headphones and back into the laptop to the webcam. The digital recorder could ONLY pick up my voice. And yet, on 3 occasions, it picked up exactly the same E.V.P.’s that the webcam did! This to me proves that the software does indeed work, but in case you need convincing, I’ve put the links to the videos below. The first video has the first two E.V.P.’s an the second one the 3rd one. You must use your headphones!