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I never knew why, but my mother could never bring herself to use the word “seizure” when it came to my being Epileptic. She always used the term “Flipped out”. So, after 53 years, I myself use it whenever I have a seizure. They’re rare now, maybe 1 or 2 a year as opposed to every hour like it was when I was little. And yet, I do not mention it to people, not even when I worked for others. The very first time I ever applied for a job, I was told straight out that they didn’t hire “my kind”. The fact that I was never treated any differently from my brothers by our mother had given me the false sense that others wouldn’t see me as different either, what an idiot I was at the time.

So tonight, when I flipped out and almost crushed the small dog we have, the other one was well out of the landing zone, it got me thinking about all the petty b.s. that we let come between us as a people. We continue to see one another by ones skin color, or if the other guy can walk or not. By the way one prays or how they vote. We set ourselves up to judge people that we know nothing about and yet when others do the same to us we take offense. We kill one another without thought of what impact it will have. The recent shootings of another 2 black men as well as the cops in Dallas testify to that. After 1,000’s of years of so called “civilization” and we still cannot bring ourselves to see past our petty narrow mindedness. To see that skin color is simply a matter of pigment, that voting party lines will in the end change nothing and that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only result in the whole world being blind and toothless.

So strive in your life not to be a racist prick. Open your mind and if you have to judge a man, judge them not by the color of their skin or their physical/mental abilities. But by the content of their character.


The closer it gets to May first the less I’ve been sleeping. I have my mind in high gear wanting to start on making foam models for future bronze castings as well as ordering the bronze to melt and I can’t do any of it until then. Yet I cannot get my mind on anything else but that. I have put so much time and effort into learning this, not to mention the cost, about $500 so far, that I want to get things into high gear and be doing it full time. If you have never worked with metal, it’s hard to explain. But with everything you cast, you get a feeling of knowing that whatever you just created will far outlive you and in a way, give you immortality. Just the few things that I have so far done I know will, as long as no one comes along and melts them down, still be here a hundred or more years from now. Nothing else that I have ever created has given me that same feeling of satisfaction.

I forgot to mention before, there is already a Facebook page set up, kustom kasting. It also has its own YouTube channel under the same name.

http:// Casting a small foam Halloween skull into Aluminum:

This was one of the first things that I cast. An aluminum foam Halloween skull that once I got done with it became a 3lbs skull if solid aluminum.


One of the aluminum skulls after it had cooled and before it was polished.


And idea of what the shirts would look like.


An idea of what my mothers headstone might look like cast in bronze.

Over the past year I have been trying out new things and ways to make money. After designing and selling shirts for the past 15 years it dawned on me that all that I have made won’t last for more than a few years. And like all creative people, I want what I do to be here long after I’m dead and buried.

So, I first tried my hand at coin rings, and although I haven’t given up on them, I still have a way to go before I can think of selling any.

Then, I started making peace pipe bowls and found that I’m good at it and I intend to keep on doing them though I haven’t made any this year.

Then a few months ago, I got back into metal casting. Ten years ago I had made some life casts in lead shot of both me and Michael. But had not continued do to the fact that I had know way of melting other metals. Over the winter, I built my first small foundry, out was a total failure do to the crucible failing and the metal burning right through the bottom. So I built a second one, this time using a regular graphite crucible. I have since cast three small aluminum skulls and one mini skull. And I admit that I love it! But, casting in aluminum is boring, what I want to do is something no one that I can find had ever done. That is to cast a knife in bronze of a modern design using the lost foam method. To this end, I have built a 3rd foundry, have switched my fuel source from charcoal to propane, and within the next two weeks, will attempt to cast what will be the only bronze hunting knife in the world if successful. If I can do this, and it I can repeat it, then I will combine everything, the castings, coin rings, pipes and the shirts under the name Standing Bear Trading Company.

I will also go on kickstarter, in order to raise money for a trailer so I can travel and do art shows. The premiums being different castings. The ultimate casting, one which there will only ever be one, will be my mothers headstone.

From time to time I get mentally disturbed people that comment on here. Better known as Jesus Freaks. Why are they mental your ask? Simply put, they see themselves as not only better than others but they really think that a carpenter, rabbi and Jewish guy from the first century was either the son of God, God made human or the deliverer. And yet, they NEVER practice what he taught. And if you point that out to them, they want to kill you in the name of their God! If that isn’t mental then I don’t know what is. Now, as I have said time and time again. Do It it  believe in the Great Spirit, but at the same time, Organized Religion, no matter which one it is, is evil. It seeks to control men and those whom it can’t control, is seeks to destroy. I have no need to “repent” for I have done nothing but speak the truth. You want to cure 90% of what is wrong with this world? Ban all organized Religion, Ban Islam, Jewdism, and CHRISTIANITY! Jesus is not the son of God nor was he the so called savior. Mohammed was not infallible. They were simply men, men who tried to make things better and in the end got followers who were extremist, delusional and insane.


God has no religion

Ever have so many ideas that you can’t sleep at night? For the past 3 months I’ve had so many ideas for new projects that they seem to want to all jump out at once.  They say that genius cannot exist without a touch of madness, and that just might be true. What with the rings, paintings and getting back to doing E.V.P.’s plus working on the new version of the website and still having many, many more ideas for new projects zooming through my mind and things like sleep are getting very rare.

One of the new ideas on the front burner is experimenting with what is called a “Frank’s Box” or “Ghost Box”. I myself am far from sold that these boxes can indeed pick up E.V.P.’s. But I’m willing to be open minded and try one to see what the results are. They guy who invented the box, has pretty much went off the grid do to the fact that people that call themselves “Paranormal” researchers, or Ghost hunters want to exploit the boxes in their quest to either become rich, famous or both. A true researcher doesn’t do this type of research for either one. But for the quest for knowledge.   I seldom publish my results because it is a personal quest, a quest to find out what becomes of us when our body dies, not a quest for wealth or fame that drives me.

And as for the paintings, ideas just happen to “pop” into my head and to get them out I must go right away and do them then and then can I get them out of my mind. Which has lead me to produce anywhere from 2-3 a day for the past month. The newest one is below.

So the question still remains, what really is genius and what is madness?



Well, I have been working this out in my head since last night but couldn’t get it right….Until now. It’s the first painting I’ve done with a wolf theme to it but it won’t by any means be the last one.


When this month started, I had said that I was going to take a break from designing for the rest of the month in order to rest and recharge my mind. That was 23 days and 70 designs ago. Even when I want to take a break my mind won’t let me. Some would see that as possibly borderline nuts. But to me it is perfectly normal. Being the 4th generation in my family to feel compelled to do artwork, and it is a compulsion, I long since realized that being creative is not something you can turn on or off. I is a part of you, and can become a driving force in ones life. I fought it when I was young and it made me unhappy as hell. But the night John Lennon died I surrendered myself to my creative muse and she hasn’t stopped talking since and I hope she never doe’s.

Well, this month will without a doubt set a new record in website hits. The new site is coming along much faster than I thought and we’re less than 5 designs away from having a total of 1,100 designs on the site. Of course I was to stop designing or at least posting them until the new site was up and running, but that just isn’t me. I wake up early this morning because I had some pounding on the door waiting to pop out of my head and when you are that way, the only thing that stops you is a coma or death. I’ve also been working on some hotdog designs as a special project for Ben Wilson. So in case your wondering why there’s ones dealing with food, that’s why.