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Well, in one hour and 7 minutes we will say goodbye to 2015. I must admit that I’ll be glad to get rid of it. For although this year has seen my finally get the hang of making coin rings, the latest is below.


It also saw the death of my only living brother, and with him gone, all I have is Chipmunk, the kids & a Niece and Nephew. So will I be sad to see 2015 go, no, I won’t.

And I’m not about to make like I’m gonna freakin change in the coming year. I’m gonna be the exact same honest S.O.B. at 12:01 as I was at 11:59!

Now, I also have something that has been a bit of an experiment.  5 days ago, I again turned on Audacity and this time let it run for one hour here in the bedroom which was locked. I then went downstairs to work on a coin ring. The link below will take you what was recorded and some of it is a little disturbing.



The closer it gets to May first the less I’ve been sleeping. I have my mind in high gear wanting to start on making foam models for future bronze castings as well as ordering the bronze to melt and I can’t do any of it until then. Yet I cannot get my mind on anything else but that. I have put so much time and effort into learning this, not to mention the cost, about $500 so far, that I want to get things into high gear and be doing it full time. If you have never worked with metal, it’s hard to explain. But with everything you cast, you get a feeling of knowing that whatever you just created will far outlive you and in a way, give you immortality. Just the few things that I have so far done I know will, as long as no one comes along and melts them down, still be here a hundred or more years from now. Nothing else that I have ever created has given me that same feeling of satisfaction.

I forgot to mention before, there is already a Facebook page set up, kustom kasting. It also has its own YouTube channel under the same name.

http:// Casting a small foam Halloween skull into Aluminum:

This was one of the first things that I cast. An aluminum foam Halloween skull that once I got done with it became a 3lbs skull if solid aluminum.


One of the aluminum skulls after it had cooled and before it was polished.


And idea of what the shirts would look like.


An idea of what my mothers headstone might look like cast in bronze.

Over the past year I have been trying out new things and ways to make money. After designing and selling shirts for the past 15 years it dawned on me that all that I have made won’t last for more than a few years. And like all creative people, I want what I do to be here long after I’m dead and buried.

So, I first tried my hand at coin rings, and although I haven’t given up on them, I still have a way to go before I can think of selling any.

Then, I started making peace pipe bowls and found that I’m good at it and I intend to keep on doing them though I haven’t made any this year.

Then a few months ago, I got back into metal casting. Ten years ago I had made some life casts in lead shot of both me and Michael. But had not continued do to the fact that I had know way of melting other metals. Over the winter, I built my first small foundry, out was a total failure do to the crucible failing and the metal burning right through the bottom. So I built a second one, this time using a regular graphite crucible. I have since cast three small aluminum skulls and one mini skull. And I admit that I love it! But, casting in aluminum is boring, what I want to do is something no one that I can find had ever done. That is to cast a knife in bronze of a modern design using the lost foam method. To this end, I have built a 3rd foundry, have switched my fuel source from charcoal to propane, and within the next two weeks, will attempt to cast what will be the only bronze hunting knife in the world if successful. If I can do this, and it I can repeat it, then I will combine everything, the castings, coin rings, pipes and the shirts under the name Standing Bear Trading Company.

I will also go on kickstarter, in order to raise money for a trailer so I can travel and do art shows. The premiums being different castings. The ultimate casting, one which there will only ever be one, will be my mothers headstone.

An hour ago I received word that my brother, who had been battling cancer, had passed on to the other side. He had just turned 64 last month, 5 days before I turned 53. And with his passing, I now am the oldest of this branch of the family. We never had any sisters, and our only other brother, Jerry, died back in 86. Our father passed in 94 and our mother in 2010. Although we had a niece & a nephew, and me and Chipmunk have 4 kids of our own. He never had any. It feels very strange to realize that your now the oldest, I’ the one that was the hellraiser, I’m the one that was always either getting shot, stabbed, on some fool hair brained adventure somewhere or for that matter being pronounced dead, which I have been 3 times in my life. And although I value my wife and kids, I can’t help but feel alone with this news. News that I wouldn’t even know about had it not been for a facebook post that my nephew had posted tonight. I had no idea that he was even back in the hospital let alone had died because his bitch of an ex-wife never bothered to call me. And before anyone dares comment on that, we would have gotten along fine i she hadn’t commented about my getting married to a Filippina. Just because she’s a racist doe’s not give her the right to dictate how I live my life and I made it known. It never effected the relationship me and my brother had though for we wouldn’t allow it to. And I give a rats ass about any money he might or might not of had. I DO THOUGH want certain family heirlooms, the paintings that our father’s father had done, my mothers fathers little wagon that he had when he was a kid and the family photo’s that would mean jack shit to her.   And, being that I’m sure that he had made his final arrangements, if they are for cremation, I want his ashes. These things are NOT up to debate!


Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

  1. Last month I applied for SSI being that they say I don’t qualify for SSD. This morning I got a call from insocial insecurity saying that there was no record of my being in the hospital for 3 days in 2012 for heart problems, only of my being in the ER a month later after I tore tendons in my right hand after a fall! Not only that, but that the only x-rays were of my hand. Now, over the years I have had numerous x-rays including my left knee and shoulder. And yet they are saying that no such x-rays exist! I have only ever stayed in one hospital here in Columbus, an my med file goes back some 40 odd years and is about 3 freakin inches thick!! So I get the feeling that they are indeed setting me up for a denial which really pisses me off. What with the damage to both shoulders, elbows, knee and a compressed disk. Plus the heart valve problem which is only getting worse, and then they lie to me saying that the records don’t exist. It seems that someone is giving the runaround and I for one am not amused!



Living on a main road in the city can be fun. we’re only a block from a high school plus there’s a bus stop right out front so when the weather turns good like it has this week, we get to sit on the front porch and watch the freak show go by. Sometimes it comes from the kids, sometimes from people waiting at the bus stop and at other times its from the carry out that’s right across the street. Living in a small town, or out in the country you don’t get the free “entertainment” that you do in the city. Of course this being an election year, the Repuplicant’s are staging their own freak show. But that one is down right scary. The freak shows that go up and down Cleveland Ave are hilarious.

Well, as of today we are selling signs in addition to our t’s. There’s only 4 at the moment and I’m debating if any one them should be political. For politics changes very rapidly in this country, and a sign is a lot more long lasting than any shirt is. Which is why none of the mugs were or will be political. The signs by the way are going for $25.00 each.

As many know we have had to move our website. We had it on Microsoft’s Office Live platform which they are in their greed shutting down at the end of this month. So we moved it to their new Office 365 platform and are now paying for it each month, the old site was free. Now I don’t mind paying for it, but they have made it so much of a hassle switching it over plus the new website stats page is so lacking compared to the old one that it really is a pain in the ass. And adding Google Analytic’s is a bitch because it will only record a fraction of your visitors. I really need to find a new way of keeping up with this but so far I have yet to find a solution.