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Well, had seen someone in a pen group I belong to try this and thought hell, if they can do it so can I. I’m calling them popsicle stick pens but really they’re the size of a tongue depressor. Picked up a pack of them the other day at Michael’s and made a video of my making the second one last night. Video is below, enjoy.


About 10 days ago I received a letter from those morns at S.S. asking for Chipmunks paystubs dating back to June of last year, even though I had already sent them months ago. The letter also said that they would be doing a interview by phone at 2p.m. on the 20th which was 2 days ago. The only calls I got that whole day was from the kids. This morning, I received yet another letter from the assholes that put the blame on me for them not calling, asking yet again for the exact same pay stubs as well as the mortgage documents that state what our damn house payment is!

So now, I’ve got to go into that damn office on the 3rd of April with all this shit just to save what little, and I do mean little, check I do get. Which they had cut from $168 a month to Freakin $56 a month last dec and I haven’t gotten a check since then, not even the $56 per month! Why, because they can’t figure out how to dock me $72 out of that $56 all due to the fact that When I was in appeal 15 years ago, I was still getting my check, I was denied even though their own doc at the hearing said that I should keep my check simply because the doc that they had sent me to, who of course they pay to deny people in the first place, said that all though I was fucked up, both my leg and back, I wasn’t fucked up enough for him. So since then, they have demanded that I pay them $12,000 even though only $4,380 was what they had paid me during the appeal. Which means that they have tacked on over $7,000 in interest!! And that wasn’t interest over a long period of time, the appeal took only one year, and I got the notice that I owed them within a month of losing. So they were saying that I owed almost a $1,000 a month just in interest!!!!

So when I finally got my check back about 5 years ago, they started docking my check $72 a month. Not only that, according to them I still owe them 12 grand! And under Donnie boy, I’m afraid it’s just going to get worse for people like myself for they just don’t give a rats ass just how to loot this country.

Earlier I was live on my personal facebook page showing how I make a small size Quarter Ring. The link is down below. The first attempt I admit the coin went sideways, the second one though came out looking good. So if your interested in how these rings are made, give it a look. And if you want to see more videos on how different coins are ringed, leave me a comment.

I belong to a guild of coin ring craftsmen and woman that take what we do very Seriously. We have or own facebook page, coin ring crafters, and held our first convention this summer. Well, we found out that someone had been stealing photos of some of our members and passing them off as their own. We finally found out that the one doing it is going but the name “Hand Crafted Crap Co.” on etsy. And is selling quarter rings for as low as $3.00 a piece. Now, other than the fact that any company that uses the word “crap” in it’s name should raise red flags, I can tell you right now that what his customers are paying for simple pocket change.

On the other hand, when myself or a member of the guild makes a quarter ring, or any other coin ring, we obtain it at our local coin shop, it is either a very fine clad, a proof or silver. And if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we wouldn’t put it up for sale on our sites. But, you get what you pay for.

If you want to buy cheap, you get shitty workmanship. I myself made rings for 2 1/2 years before I put my first one up for sale, and have met other “ringers” that have gone even longer honing their skill before making their first sale. I have also had people tell me that they have ordered these el-cheapo rings and that if they had known of mine, they would have paid the extra money because what they had bought looked like shit.

But as I said… get what you pay for.

I never knew why, but my mother could never bring herself to use the word “seizure” when it came to my being Epileptic. She always used the term “Flipped out”. So, after 53 years, I myself use it whenever I have a seizure. They’re rare now, maybe 1 or 2 a year as opposed to every hour like it was when I was little. And yet, I do not mention it to people, not even when I worked for others. The very first time I ever applied for a job, I was told straight out that they didn’t hire “my kind”. The fact that I was never treated any differently from my brothers by our mother had given me the false sense that others wouldn’t see me as different either, what an idiot I was at the time.

So tonight, when I flipped out and almost crushed the small dog we have, the other one was well out of the landing zone, it got me thinking about all the petty b.s. that we let come between us as a people. We continue to see one another by ones skin color, or if the other guy can walk or not. By the way one prays or how they vote. We set ourselves up to judge people that we know nothing about and yet when others do the same to us we take offense. We kill one another without thought of what impact it will have. The recent shootings of another 2 black men as well as the cops in Dallas testify to that. After 1,000’s of years of so called “civilization” and we still cannot bring ourselves to see past our petty narrow mindedness. To see that skin color is simply a matter of pigment, that voting party lines will in the end change nothing and that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only result in the whole world being blind and toothless.

So strive in your life not to be a racist prick. Open your mind and if you have to judge a man, judge them not by the color of their skin or their physical/mental abilities. But by the content of their character.

Well, saw something today that got me thinking. A guy had the reflector from a worklight and made it into a simple lightbox. Well, I don’t have a light, but I did have a mixing bowl.

Simple lightbox

So, I tried several angles and after playing around a bit I was able to get this shot where the ring reflects.


Now I also had traded the other day an old silver quarter with a guy in Norway for this that got here just today.

20160307_133520 20160307_133601

It’s roughly the size of a fifty cent piece and .999 Silver. And to say that I’m a little nervous in doing it is an understatement.  If I can do it though, it should make one hell of a ring. The reason that he didn’t try it himself? He’s a newbie that has never done anything this size.

Today would have been my brothers 65th birthday and he’s been on my mind all day. He had been in the hospital for a month before he died last year, but did that bitch say anything to me or my nephew, hell no. It was only after he died and was on his way to the oven that we found out. So there was no saying goodbye, no closure. At the wake, she had a table full of his stuff that she was giving away, the rest, including family heirlooms, she sent to auction without consulting anyone else in the family. Now before you say, well she was his wife after all, they had been seperated  for 2  years and were getting a divorce. She refused to allow either myself or my nephew even an ounce of his remains unless we paid her $1,600, so where he ended up at I don’t even know. She won’t even provide either one us with a copy of the will. So this weekend, is really playin with my mind.

We were 11 years &  5 days apart, so we would always find the most sarcastic birthday cards to send one another & call each other on our respective birthdays.  And when I turned 50 4 years ago, we got together and had a few.

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

It’s hard to heal when there is no place to grieve.


In other developments, I have cancelled the new website in favor of another web hosting company. A company that will allow a much better site overall. The downside is that it will be offline until the first week of Feb. In the meantime, I’m working on what might be called a “collectors set”, a set the would cover 4 rings, nickel, dime, quarter & half dollar. Hope to have the first set done by tonight.

A little training exercise

Why would a person make something this small you ask? Well, mainly as both a training exercise as well as a right of passage. Sooner or later, people who are really serious about making these rings try the smallest, thinnest, U.S. coin their is in order to gage ones skill. If you can do it, you can pretty much do any coin within reason. And if you can do it on the first try, which this was, you are in the top percent when it comes to skill level.


U.S. Dime Coin Ring  U.S. Dime Coin Ring size 4 1/5

2 more Silvers

Over the past few hours I’ve done 2 new 90% Silver rings. The first, is a 1952 Franklin Half Dollar, size 14 1/4.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar  2 1952 Franklin Half Dollar  3                                                              1952 Franklin Half Dollar


The second, is the first Barber Silver Half Dollar I’ve ever done and at 109 years, the oldest. And yes, I was very nervous when I was doing it.

1907 Barber half 2 1907 Barber half


The first one, is for my nephew, 1952 was his fathers birth year. As for the second one, I’ll either wear it myself, or sell it for $75. And not a penny less.


Well, in order to raise the money for the rest of the tools, supplies and booth fees that come with doing shows. I just launched a go fund me campaign. I was going to wait another couple weeks but today is what would have been my mothers 89th birthday, and being that she taught me most of what I know about artwork, I figured it was only fitting to do it today.