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Like any Liberal, I have always valued different points of view for that is what has always made this country work. But if you have been paying attention to what has been going on in this country the past few years, you have to admit that there are a lot of people that totally despise anyone with a point of view that isn’t like their’s. They call themselves by different names, Evangelicals, the Religious Right, Born Again’s. They are the CONservatives. They are not only killing the G.O.P., but they are doing their best to kill this country and turn it into a police state! Have have declared war on the poor, middle class, gays, lesbians and women. They are ignorance incarnate and do not care about people anymore, only profit and loss.

If there is a class war in this country it is of their own making. People say that it is all because a Black man got elected, and that is only partly true. The election of Obama simply awakened them to something they never thought possible, that a non-white would ever be elected as president. Which has opened up their demented twisted little minds to the possibility that a Latino could be next. And after that, a woman. But the one person that scares them the most isn’t a black, latino or even a woman as president. It is the fact that sooner or later, a Native American could and will someday be elected. You see, the other 3 groups were for the most part simply oppressed and enslaved. But Native Americans were the victims of attempted genocide. And they fear what would happen should a Lakota, Apache, cree or heaven forbid a Cherokee were ever elected. What they fail to realize is that unlike them, Native Americans long ago realized that such vengeance would be pointless. And yet they are bound and determined to let this delusion drive them to turn this country into a cross between Iran and 1984.

What can a normal, free thinking person do t stop this? first off, come November vote every last Republican out of office on all levels, local, state & federal. Second, force the lobbyists out of the congress, pressure for the repeal of citizens united and press for the health care that these bastards are trying to take away from you!

Push back America before it’s too late. push til it gives and then push some more. For evil cannot win in a free society unless the people allow it to.


Below is a design that you might say was years in the making. If you have ever heard “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere and the Raiders then you know where the idea for this design came from. My wife keeps wanting me to take her to a reservation so she can see what it’s like. I have been to several, which is why I won’t take her. If you have ever been to one you needn’t ask why, they are not where you really want to take a vacation at. As with all of the Native American designs I do, it looks at things not from the white point of view but from the Native American which is very much lost to history. Which is a shame.