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As with most mental tea bagging midgets. The one I’ve been taunting just can’t grasp the fact that he lost the argument and keeps on at it. I finally had to tell him, and I used these exact words,

“Now, now. If you don’t behave and take your meds and go to bed like a big boy I’ll have to tell your mommy and have her wash your mouth out with soap.”

I’m sure that will simply piss him off even more but being that being nice didn’t work, maybe being sarcastic will. I doubt it though, these people don’t get sarcasm because of they’re limited mental abilities.

Anyway. There were 4 murders 5 blocks north and 3 houses east of here last week. So I did a session earlier and heres a quick clip from it. Of the 2 questions I asked directly about what happened, they nail both right on the head.


Also did a session at the graveyard where my mother and grandparents are but haven’t went over it yet.

Question to those who read this blog, what do you think of the Tea Party? Please feel free to comment your honest feelings about them,


Well, Being that I have been producing more video’s and posting them on youtube. I have begun to organize them on there own channel. The first one is for the Rebel’s Roost video’s and can be found at


The second one is for the evp’s and paranormal videos we do and can be found at


Also have posted a new video on my reg channel concerning how to do spray paint art and it can be found at


By tomorrow night, will have a new video on both of the new channels. With the Rebels Roost taking on these morons out in Nevada that think they have a right to do what the will on public land without playing by the rules that everyone else does.

As some of you might know, one of the facebook pages I run is the Rebels Roost.  Well a few weeks ago I left a comment in regards to a video by some paranoid and delusional moron that goes by the name of “Raging Rob”.  Well tonight, we had this exchange on the page.

Screenshot (3)


He thinks that he owns facebook it would seem. It would be different if I were “Hounding” him. But as you can plainly see, I didn’t even remember who the fuck he even was! Nor do I really care to, the guy believes his delusions are freaking real. In the video I watched, he praise’s Somalia for having no government and prays for it to happen here! If that isn’t nutso I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I ended up banning the asshole. The only person I have ever banned from the Roost. And hope he takes advantage of Obamacare and gets the mental health treatment he needs.