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The CBO has issued their report, “Trumpcare” with strip 14 million of their insurance within a year. Cost 24 million their insurance by 2026 & raise premiums by 25%. The trolls are jumping with joy, which just proves that they don’t give a shit if anyone else lives or dies as long as they themselves don’t. And yet, these same people claim that they’re “Christians”. Last time I read the new testament, I could have sworn that Jesus commanded people to care for the poor and the sick, and yet these morons seem to look over that, and would rather concentrate on people that are gay who Jesus said jack shit about. These same people, claim that this is a so-called “Christian Nation” and claim that they live by Christian beliefs while condemning refugees that simply want to get away from the bullets and bombs in a country that we ourselves destabilized. They also claim that there must be separation of church and state all the while demanding that the bible be taught in schools.

These are the morons that are now for the most part in charge of running the country, mainly because other morons voted for them because deep down they are fucking racist, bigoted assholes that if Jesus came back today would call him a socialist radical and have him deported for being an illegal alien. This is not America nor is it the American way. This is the ‘Merican Taliban/Isis that will not be satisfied until they make this country a “Christian” hellhole. These are the slimeballs that Trump and his kind draw out from under their rocks and feel right at home wearing all black shouting Sieg Heil and Hail Trump.

These people must be exposed and opposed at every turn. We must resist these warped minded morons that would destroy what this country has standed for for the past 241 years. They don’t care what the founders of this country wanted, for they believe fully the delusion that the founders like Jefferson were as much as a bigot as they are. And won’t open their eyes to the fact that Jefferson was one of the biggest liberals of his day as well as were the other founding fathers.



Today the high court refused to hear appeals from 5 states over lower court rulings that legalized same sex marriage in those states. While I personally have no view on the issue one way or the other. It pisses me off that these crazy bastards want to impose their warped views on others all in the name of their God. These crazies feel that their beliefs must be imposed on everyone and are no better than Isis! The are indeed the American Taliban, They just can’t live knowing that somebody somewhere in this country is living their life the way they want to and not by their petty, bigoted  point of view. I don’t give a rats ass if a gay or lesbian couple want to get married, why? Because IT’S NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS! Nor is it yours or their’s. But only the couple that is getting  married.

If they want to be unhappy like have of all married couples, I say let them and mind your own damn business and stay out of other peoples! If you’re not gay, don’t believe in gay marriage than don’t marry a person thats gay. Or in other words, Mind your own damn business   

From time to time I get mentally disturbed people that comment on here. Better known as Jesus Freaks. Why are they mental your ask? Simply put, they see themselves as not only better than others but they really think that a carpenter, rabbi and Jewish guy from the first century was either the son of God, God made human or the deliverer. And yet, they NEVER practice what he taught. And if you point that out to them, they want to kill you in the name of their God! If that isn’t mental then I don’t know what is. Now, as I have said time and time again. Do It it  believe in the Great Spirit, but at the same time, Organized Religion, no matter which one it is, is evil. It seeks to control men and those whom it can’t control, is seeks to destroy. I have no need to “repent” for I have done nothing but speak the truth. You want to cure 90% of what is wrong with this world? Ban all organized Religion, Ban Islam, Jewdism, and CHRISTIANITY! Jesus is not the son of God nor was he the so called savior. Mohammed was not infallible. They were simply men, men who tried to make things better and in the end got followers who were extremist, delusional and insane.


God has no religion

Like any Liberal, I have always valued different points of view for that is what has always made this country work. But if you have been paying attention to what has been going on in this country the past few years, you have to admit that there are a lot of people that totally despise anyone with a point of view that isn’t like their’s. They call themselves by different names, Evangelicals, the Religious Right, Born Again’s. They are the CONservatives. They are not only killing the G.O.P., but they are doing their best to kill this country and turn it into a police state! Have have declared war on the poor, middle class, gays, lesbians and women. They are ignorance incarnate and do not care about people anymore, only profit and loss.

If there is a class war in this country it is of their own making. People say that it is all because a Black man got elected, and that is only partly true. The election of Obama simply awakened them to something they never thought possible, that a non-white would ever be elected as president. Which has opened up their demented twisted little minds to the possibility that a Latino could be next. And after that, a woman. But the one person that scares them the most isn’t a black, latino or even a woman as president. It is the fact that sooner or later, a Native American could and will someday be elected. You see, the other 3 groups were for the most part simply oppressed and enslaved. But Native Americans were the victims of attempted genocide. And they fear what would happen should a Lakota, Apache, cree or heaven forbid a Cherokee were ever elected. What they fail to realize is that unlike them, Native Americans long ago realized that such vengeance would be pointless. And yet they are bound and determined to let this delusion drive them to turn this country into a cross between Iran and 1984.

What can a normal, free thinking person do t stop this? first off, come November vote every last Republican out of office on all levels, local, state & federal. Second, force the lobbyists out of the congress, pressure for the repeal of citizens united and press for the health care that these bastards are trying to take away from you!

Push back America before it’s too late. push til it gives and then push some more. For evil cannot win in a free society unless the people allow it to.

For the past couple of weeks or so there has been much ado about Hospitals & schools that are owned by churches having to offer birth control to their employees. The hypocrites refuse to cover a woman’s right to birth control and yet they claim that they are pro poor and pro families. You cannot be “pro” family and oppose a woman’s basic right to decide for herself on this most basic and personal choice. They wrap themselves in the constitution and yet this is not a constitutional issue, nor is it a moral one. It is instead a personal health issue, one that should be left up to each and every women to decide for themselves. Those who think otherwise are guilty of the exact same oppression that they accuse the Government of practicing.

Last night we post our 1,000th design on the site. I am sure that they will piss off any so called conservative due to the fact that they have no working minds to speak of. I’ve worked long and hard to get to 1,000. And thought that I would feel some relief for I have achieved my goal of having that many designs on the site by or before I officially turn 50, which I do this Saturday. But instead, it has just lead to even more stuff popping into my mind. Even though I intend to take the rest of whats left of this month off from working on more, I doubt if that will be that case for something like this becomes to much of a habit, the muse just keeps talking and you find yourself compelled to do more.

Of course, with the current number of designs on the site, that is 4 times more than most other T-shirt companies have on there’s. Wonder if I can double it by this time next year?

I’ve talked about the before, about how the next life might be like this one. Today is New Years eve so what do you suppose they are doing in the afterlife? I ask this because in a lot of hotels that are haunted, New Years eve after the living have all gone home still seem to have parties going on. Only these are with unseen party goers. I know that they’re a lot of people who will read this and say that I’m mocking God and Heaven, It is not them that I mock, it is Religion. For it is Religion that has built this myth about some magic place in the sky that we go when we die. Not only that, but they have sacred people with the concept of going to Hell instead if they do not pray, think and live a certain way. And yet no one really knows what happens to the soul after death. So how can Religion condemn people? And being that no one does know what happens, then my ideas are just as “true” as theirs until one or the other are proven wrong.

So, with that said. I think this is what happens in the afterlife on New Years eve. The partiers in life go right on and party down. They enjoy themselves just like the living do. They eat, drink and fuck each other and have a grand old time. They laugh, love and remember the good times. They visit with the living and just have a well rounded time of it. And of course the one invite everyone wants to get in the afterlife is the one to the party at Jesus’s crib because the best looking women are always there as well as an a-list bar with only the finest of booze.And mybe even an appearance by the big man himself, yes that’s right the big G, God. And of course let us not forget about the “heaven & Hell” mixer.

Like I said, this is just an opinion, so all of those who are offended But what I just said and think that I need too repent, GO FUCK YOURSELF you fuckin hypocrites. To the rest that see both the humor as well as the futility of trying to explain what cannot be explained, then I say a very sincere Happy New Year!

Is this going to far……



I have put with this 2 new designs. Personally, to me, they don’t go far enough though at least 1 person thinks otherwise. First, to really understand them, you have to know what lead me to create them. I was reading on the net about some assholes putting bibles on the tables in the lunch room at a high school in Texas. Well as I scrolled down to the comments, there was one that said that the separation of church and state only applies to “infidels like Jews, Muslims & Catholics, but to “Christians”. After reading that, my first thoughts were “Seig Hail to you to mother fucker.”  It was then that the idea for these designs came to mind. God, how I hate fanatics.


americas version of the taliban       the clean shaven version of the taliban