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Well, Being that I have been producing more video’s and posting them on youtube. I have begun to organize them on there own channel. The first one is for the Rebel’s Roost video’s and can be found at


The second one is for the evp’s and paranormal videos we do and can be found at


Also have posted a new video on my reg channel concerning how to do spray paint art and it can be found at


By tomorrow night, will have a new video on both of the new channels. With the Rebels Roost taking on these morons out in Nevada that think they have a right to do what the will on public land without playing by the rules that everyone else does.


Ever have so many ideas that you can’t sleep at night? For the past 3 months I’ve had so many ideas for new projects that they seem to want to all jump out at once.  They say that genius cannot exist without a touch of madness, and that just might be true. What with the rings, paintings and getting back to doing E.V.P.’s plus working on the new version of the website and still having many, many more ideas for new projects zooming through my mind and things like sleep are getting very rare.

One of the new ideas on the front burner is experimenting with what is called a “Frank’s Box” or “Ghost Box”. I myself am far from sold that these boxes can indeed pick up E.V.P.’s. But I’m willing to be open minded and try one to see what the results are. They guy who invented the box, has pretty much went off the grid do to the fact that people that call themselves “Paranormal” researchers, or Ghost hunters want to exploit the boxes in their quest to either become rich, famous or both. A true researcher doesn’t do this type of research for either one. But for the quest for knowledge.   I seldom publish my results because it is a personal quest, a quest to find out what becomes of us when our body dies, not a quest for wealth or fame that drives me.

And as for the paintings, ideas just happen to “pop” into my head and to get them out I must go right away and do them then and then can I get them out of my mind. Which has lead me to produce anywhere from 2-3 a day for the past month. The newest one is below.

So the question still remains, what really is genius and what is madness?



Well, I have been working this out in my head since last night but couldn’t get it right….Until now. It’s the first painting I’ve done with a wolf theme to it but it won’t by any means be the last one.


This is my latest painting.  Slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it.





Been trying to master a new painting technique using spray paint, round objects and a palette knife. Comments welcome