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Now for sale

Only have 1 set at the moment made up, but there will be more to come.

Made from Spalted Maple and features a unique rotating peg system with rare earth magnets that keep the top locked while in use.

well, slowly but surely I’ve been building up inventory in hopes of having enough stock to take to a craft show this summer. Along with these, also ordered some deer antler but need a scroll saw to be able to cut it down to workable pieces. 

In 8 days a half Orangutan, half Oompa Loompa will be sworn in as the 45th President. Under normal conditions, this fact would be funny, the stuff that could only happen in a screwball comedy. But these are not normal times or conditions. And the morons that voted for this moron in chief, are just beginning to realize just how bad they have screwed not only the country over but themselves. Case in point, the redneck the other day that celebrated Trump getting rid of “Obamacare” while all the while noting that he had his insurance under the ACA. When others pointed out that the ACA and Obamacare were the exact same thing and that he would also loose his insurance, the poor bastard went silent. That is the normal level of ignorance of a Trump supporter. Others, are laughing for they realize how badly the future will be and delight in seeing Trump supporters slit their own throats. I realize though that this is not the time to gloat, but a time to come together and unite against the coming bad times. Every time in our history that the Republicans have controlled both the white house and the congress this ¬† country has suffered a major economic depression or recession. And this time will be no different.

May God Help Us All.

  1. Last night a customer dropped off two coins. A Morgan silver dollar from the 1880’s & a 1855 seated liberty half dollar. Well, Morgan’s I’ve done before so I’m not worried about doing that one. But, seated liberties are not easy to find in ringing condition, in fact,  the one he gave me more than likely cost him at least a $100. So i took my time and in the end it went from this. 
  2. Too this. 
  3. Now, just have to do the Morgan come morning. 

Trump is a conman, and you idiots are the mark. You hear him ramble on, but don’t listen to what he says. For example:
Trump says he will lower taxes to 15%. If he does, how do you run a government that is already cash strapped? Where do you get the money to repair roads, bridges or rebuild after things like Hurricanes , Tornados or Earthquakes? Answer, you don’t and people suffer and die.
He wants to take property using “Divine Right” if he thinks it can be put to better use.
But he and his father said in the 70’s when a black woman wanted to rent an apartment in one of their buildings, “you know we don’t rent to niggers.”
He has declared bankruptcy 4 times and has a rep of not paying his debts.
He talks about creating jobs, yet the suits, shirts ties and other products that has his name on them are all made overseas.
He didn’t pay taxes for 18 years after losing almost a billion dollars in a single year. And has the guts to say that that makes him a good business man!
His “Trump University was shut down after being expose for the fraud it was.
He is currently under investigation for rape, & has been accused of sexual misconduct many times in the past.
He has also said that he would use nukes and sees nothing wrong with using them.
He wants to do away with regulations that protect the consumer as well as the environment and sell off the national parks to the highest bidder.
He insults anyone who isn’t white, Claiming that most if not all muslims are terrorist and that most Mexicans are murders & Rapists.
He mocks the disabled and calls former p.o.w.s losers.
America, open your eyes, do you really want such a man, a man who has clear mental issues, as your president? A man who is bent on bankrupting the country and then selling it off piece by piece?
Open you eyes and take your head out of your ass, Quit buying into Trumps delusion and see him as the danger to freedom that he really is before it is too late.

The more I here Trump & his supporters speak, the more fear I feel. There is no doubt that the man is mentally ill, and has attracted followers that share his delusions. But is goes deeper than that. If you look at the way he acts, listen to not only what he says but how he says it, he is a copy of Adolph Hitler. The thing he lacks is the mustache and the swastika. Remember, the Nazis did not come to power by force, but by the vote. Will we make the same mistake, have we not learned from history?

We have always said that it “couldn’t happen here”, that we are immune from such things. But this election is proving that we have been lying to ourselves. I cannot, will not, support a man that is so insane as to think using nukes is a great idea, that vilifies others simply because they are not white. That is reckless with both his words and his deeds. Nor will I be sacred into silence by goons that should slither back under the rocks they were under before this madness started.

Unlike Trump and his followers though, I prefer that my vote do the talking, and do not try to intimidate those who think, look, pray or believe differently than I do. I hope that I’m wrong, that after this election we can get back to respecting one another again. That is my hope, but the reality is that after all the problems that but the GOP as well as Trump has caused, that respecting others that are different than you might be a thing of the past in this country, God, I hope not.

My first necklace

Well, I made this for Catherine, but will be doing a similar one using U. S. coins to put on the website for sale. This one uses a 1968 south Vietnamese 20 dong for the center with a Philippine 1 peso on either side.  Also working on a bracelet to go with this. 


A couple hours ago the oldest stopped by with three pizzas, that’s her in the center. Felt good not having to cook, I wasn’t in the mood anyway. Being that the internet is still out, the assholes won’t be out to fix it til tomorrow, there hasn’t been much to do around here this week. Can’t order what I need for the new foundry until Friday, and can’t work more on the car brakes until Saturday.  So it’s been a very boring week around here.

The riots the past couple days in Baltimore have been one of the most moronic acts since the ones in Ferguson. What in the hell do people hope to prove? Since when does burning down the freakin neighborhood solve anything? I can understand the frustration, and I have nothing against protesting. But this shit is way out of hand. Who do they think they’ll hurting? Because it sure as isn’t the people in charge. Not when it’s their own hood that’s burning.
Protest, yes. But remember that violence begets violence. And the change that must happen, won’t. Just more people in jail and more business for the undertaker.