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The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, whose job it is is to figure out the impact that laws will have on people in this country has stated today that “Trumpcare” will cause 14 million people who gained health Insurance under the ACA to lose it within the first year of Trumpcare. When told this, Paul Ryan, the current speaker on the house said that that number didn’t bother him and that he was going forward with the plan. Of course it doesn’t bother him, he gets free healthcare for life and we pay for it!

And remember, that 14 million figure is just how many would lose their insurance within the first year, those on medicaid would slowly lose it between now and 2020. So the grand total would be closer to 18-20 million people that would lose insurance within the next 4 years!

Is this the “Change” you voted for? Is this what you really want? I can’t think of the morons name, but hes a Rethuglican in congress who said just the other day that “Poor people don’t want insurance” for “Jesus says it in the bible, that the poor will always be with us.” Just how in the fuck he gets that the poor or even that middle class do not what insurance from that bible quote I have no bloody idea. But this is the mentality that we have running the damn government.

An as for those so-called health tax credits, a tax credit is basicly a deduction. So my question is, if you don’t have the freaking money to begin with to afford the freaking insurance, what good is the fucking deduction do you?? And the deductions are only from $2,000-$4,000 depending of if it’s just you or if you have a family. Now if your paying say $600 a month or more in premiums, your still losing a freaking big chunk of money. And if you have one of these Health Savings accounts, you manage to save say $5,000 in it. but your hospital bill is $25,000-$30,000. Then what the fuck do you do? Who wants or can afford a $20,000+ deductible?

No, this shit has to be opposed and opposed big before Trump and his jackbooted thugs completely destroy this country!


Finished this last night, the first slimline done in a satin finish with an Olive wood body. This and the black finish I must admit are my favorites when it comes to using a mid to light colored wood.


There’s also this one, a skull pen done in some of the wood I had from the Great Dismal Swamp. This one will be given away soon on my Freaky Paranormal Facebook page. For details on how to enter, just go to the page and see the pinned post.

Below is a Polaris Pen using 200 year old wood that was harvested from the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia. It was just added to the website. The asking price is $80 do to that fact that it does indeed use this wood and it comes with a certificate of Authenticity.



Ordered a couple days ago a pen stand in order to take better pictures for the website. Plus a skull pen kit came and picked up another slimline kit up at Woodcraft along with a nice spalted Tamarind blank that I’m hoping will make a hybrid blank, providing that it doesn’t shatter on me when I drill it. Tomorrow, that Civil War kit as well as that Bog Oak that’s 200+ years old should get here.

Here are the updated photos I took earlier, their already on the website.



I’m waiting for some skull pen kits as well as Civil War pen kits. Some of the pens will feature bodies made from 200+ year old oak that was harvested from the swamps of Virginia and stabilized so it can be worked with safely.

2017-03-05_edited    pkcwpenc_400x400


These will sell for $40.00 ea. When made from reg blanks. Those made from the 200 year old blanks will sell for $60 and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Before Cheeto Mussolini pissed me off, managed to do this new pen which is already posted on the website for sale. Hope to make some more pens later in the week.


Listened to the Cheeto Mussolini tonight and all it did was piss me off. What a lying sack of shit. All this excuse of a human being is going to do is fuck us all and then sell us out to the highest bidder. Below is a link to the newest Rebels Roost video where I go apeshit on his lying ass.

Had hoped to have had this finished by now but the bottom tube is screwed up and I won’t be able to get a replacement for it until Wednesday. In the meantime, went a head and turned what will become the top of the fountain pen.


The red is veneer, the blue is denim and it’s sandwiched in between olivewood. The next logical step in doing this segmented pens is to be able to engrave the olivewood that’s in between the inlay, which if possible, would be something that to my knowledge, has never been tried let alone done.

The link below will take you to the new pen store that is now open for business. Although there is only a handful of pens on it at the moment, more will be added every month. So drop on by and let me know what you think.


well, slowly but surely I’ve been building up inventory in hopes of having enough stock to take to a craft show this summer. Along with these, also ordered some deer antler but need a scroll saw to be able to cut it down to workable pieces.