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Listened to the Cheeto Mussolini tonight and all it did was piss me off. What a lying sack of shit. All this excuse of a human being is going to do is fuck us all and then sell us out to the highest bidder. Below is a link to the newest Rebels Roost video where I go apeshit on his lying ass.


I never knew why, but my mother could never bring herself to use the word “seizure” when it came to my being Epileptic. She always used the term “Flipped out”. So, after 53 years, I myself use it whenever I have a seizure. They’re rare now, maybe 1 or 2 a year as opposed to every hour like it was when I was little. And yet, I do not mention it to people, not even when I worked for others. The very first time I ever applied for a job, I was told straight out that they didn’t hire “my kind”. The fact that I was never treated any differently from my brothers by our mother had given me the false sense that others wouldn’t see me as different either, what an idiot I was at the time.

So tonight, when I flipped out and almost crushed the small dog we have, the other one was well out of the landing zone, it got me thinking about all the petty b.s. that we let come between us as a people. We continue to see one another by ones skin color, or if the other guy can walk or not. By the way one prays or how they vote. We set ourselves up to judge people that we know nothing about and yet when others do the same to us we take offense. We kill one another without thought of what impact it will have. The recent shootings of another 2 black men as well as the cops in Dallas testify to that. After 1,000’s of years of so called “civilization” and we still cannot bring ourselves to see past our petty narrow mindedness. To see that skin color is simply a matter of pigment, that voting party lines will in the end change nothing and that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will only result in the whole world being blind and toothless.

So strive in your life not to be a racist prick. Open your mind and if you have to judge a man, judge them not by the color of their skin or their physical/mental abilities. But by the content of their character.

As a new week starts, this country finds itself starting down a road from which there maybe no return. The renewal of the NDAA, which seizes sacred land from the Apache and gives it to a mining company, as well as the new budget, that allocates 80 cents of every tax dollar to defense, none to rebuilding infrastructure, allows the big banks to go back to their old ways that screwed this country in the first place, as well as an order that stops D.C. from carrying out a referendum, one that 70% of the voters approved, to legalize weed in D.C.!

The part that lets the banks fuck up shit again, that we all will pay for when we have to bail them out once again, was written by Citibank! Why the hell is Citibank or any special interest writing U.S. law!? Isn’t that why we elect the congress?

If we do not put an to this, within 10 years the Corp will fully take over, and to all you sheep that handed the congress over to the gop will find yourselves on the menu.

From time to time I get mentally disturbed people that comment on here. Better known as Jesus Freaks. Why are they mental your ask? Simply put, they see themselves as not only better than others but they really think that a carpenter, rabbi and Jewish guy from the first century was either the son of God, God made human or the deliverer. And yet, they NEVER practice what he taught. And if you point that out to them, they want to kill you in the name of their God! If that isn’t mental then I don’t know what is. Now, as I have said time and time again. Do It it ┬ábelieve in the Great Spirit, but at the same time, Organized Religion, no matter which one it is, is evil. It seeks to control men and those whom it can’t control, is seeks to destroy. I have no need to “repent” for I have done nothing but speak the truth. You want to cure 90% of what is wrong with this world? Ban all organized Religion, Ban Islam, Jewdism, and CHRISTIANITY! Jesus is not the son of God nor was he the so called savior. Mohammed was not infallible. They were simply men, men who tried to make things better and in the end got followers who were extremist, delusional and insane.


God has no religion

Like any Liberal, I have always valued different points of view for that is what has always made this country work. But if you have been paying attention to what has been going on in this country the past few years, you have to admit that there are a lot of people that totally despise anyone with a point of view that isn’t like their’s. They call themselves by different names, Evangelicals, the Religious Right, Born Again’s. They are the CONservatives. They are not only killing the G.O.P., but they are doing their best to kill this country and turn it into a police state! Have have declared war on the poor, middle class, gays, lesbians and women. They are ignorance incarnate and do not care about people anymore, only profit and loss.

If there is a class war in this country it is of their own making. People say that it is all because a Black man got elected, and that is only partly true. The election of Obama simply awakened them to something they never thought possible, that a non-white would ever be elected as president. Which has opened up their demented twisted little minds to the possibility that a Latino could be next. And after that, a woman. But the one person that scares them the most isn’t a black, latino or even a woman as president. It is the fact that sooner or later, a Native American could and will someday be elected. You see, the other 3 groups were for the most part simply oppressed and enslaved. But Native Americans were the victims of attempted genocide. And they fear what would happen should a Lakota, Apache, cree or heaven forbid a Cherokee were ever elected. What they fail to realize is that unlike them, Native Americans long ago realized that such vengeance would be pointless. And yet they are bound and determined to let this delusion drive them to turn this country into a cross between Iran and 1984.

What can a normal, free thinking person do t stop this? first off, come November vote every last Republican out of office on all levels, local, state & federal. Second, force the lobbyists out of the congress, pressure for the repeal of citizens united and press for the health care that these bastards are trying to take away from you!

Push back America before it’s too late. push til it gives and then push some more. For evil cannot win in a free society unless the people allow it to.

Living on a main road in the city can be fun. we’re only a block from a high school plus there’s a bus stop right out front so when the weather turns good like it has this week, we get to sit on the front porch and watch the freak show go by. Sometimes it comes from the kids, sometimes from people waiting at the bus stop and at other times its from the carry out that’s right across the street. Living in a small town, or out in the country you don’t get the free “entertainment” that you do in the city. Of course this being an election year, the Repuplicant’s are staging their own freak show. But that one is down right scary. The freak shows that go up and down Cleveland Ave are hilarious.

Well, as of today we are selling signs in addition to our t’s. There’s only 4 at the moment and I’m debating if any one them should be political. For politics changes very rapidly in this country, and a sign is a lot more long lasting than any shirt is. Which is why none of the mugs were or will be political. The signs by the way are going for $25.00 each.

As many know we have had to move our website. We had it on Microsoft’s Office Live platform which they are in their greed shutting down at the end of this month. So we moved it to their new Office 365 platform and are now paying for it each month, the old site was free. Now I don’t mind paying for it, but they have made it so much of a hassle switching it over plus the new website stats page is so lacking compared to the old one that it really is a pain in the ass. And adding Google Analytic’s is a bitch because it will only record a fraction of your visitors. I really need to find a new way of keeping up with this but so far I have yet to find a solution.

Well, this month will without a doubt set a new record in website hits. The new site is coming along much faster than I thought and we’re less than 5 designs away from having a total of 1,100 designs on the site. Of course I was to stop designing or at least posting them until the new site was up and running, but that just isn’t me. I wake up early this morning because I had some pounding on the door waiting to pop out of my head and when you are that way, the only thing that stops you is a coma or death. I’ve also been working on some hotdog designs as a special project for Ben Wilson. So in case your wondering why there’s ones dealing with food, that’s why.

Last night we went to T.O.P.A.S. as we always do on the first saturday of the month. While there I filmed a 30 second clip of Juliet dancing and then uploaded it to facebook. When I went to look for it on my page it wasn’t there so I uploaded it again. It was on there for about a minute before disappearing yet again. This time I had gotten a notice that if I tried to post it a 3rd time I would no longer be allowed to post any videos at all! All because the clip had music in the freakin background! Now I am all for protecting copyrights, I own lot myself. But this goes to far. It is not a violation of a copyright to give a person and or show people something, if it were, then every library if this country could be shut down! Think of it, a world where the sharing of any information was illegal unless you paid for it. That is a world that I for one would not want to live in, and yet it is a world that is quickly becoming reality.