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Well, a few hours ago number one daughter was over and said that I had no right to say what I really think. That was the WRONG thing to say. I pointed out that that’s not the way I was raised and that sure as hell wasn’t the way she was raised, the when a person sees something that is wrong they have a duty to speak out. And that if a person asks me if I agree and I don’t or my opinion about something, I’m going to be freaking honest and give them an honest answer. After almost 57 years on this earth I’m not going to start being a hypocrite now.

And as for the Trumps and Trolls out there, which she isn’t, or the freaking Jesus freaks. Screw them if they can’t handle it. Trump likes to call people that disagree with him “snowflakes” what he forgets is that with enough snowflakes, you get an avalanche.  And nothing can stop it. Ever think that if more people had stood up and spoken out in 1933, Hitler could of never taken power? Trump reminds me of a poor mans hitler, and his followers all goosestepping in sync to his madness and it pisses me the hell off.

So if she wants to appease these morons, that’s her problem. But I for one will not got quietly into the night, I will not go without a fight.


Last night we went to T.O.P.A.S. as we always do on the first saturday of the month. While there I filmed a 30 second clip of Juliet dancing and then uploaded it to facebook. When I went to look for it on my page it wasn’t there so I uploaded it again. It was on there for about a minute before disappearing yet again. This time I had gotten a notice that if I tried to post it a 3rd time I would no longer be allowed to post any videos at all! All because the clip had music in the freakin background! Now I am all for protecting copyrights, I own lot myself. But this goes to far. It is not a violation of a copyright to give a person and or show people something, if it were, then every library if this country could be shut down! Think of it, a world where the sharing of any information was illegal unless you paid for it. That is a world that I for one would not want to live in, and yet it is a world that is quickly becoming reality.

In the past week we have seen the NDAA and SOPA passed in the Congress. This two bills will not only censor what you see on the internet, but will give the government the power to throw your ass in prison and hold you without charge all in the name of national security. And what will Obama do, will he veto this crap like he first said he would? No. He has buckled once again and said that he will sign both.

As a student of history, this all reminds me of Germany in the late 20’s, early 30’s. And we all know what happened then. I for one refuse to tow the line. The powers that be are afraid, they are afraid of the Occupy movement, they are afraid of how easy the internet can bring people together, they are afraid of YOU!

I do not know what others might do, but I will now go quietly into the night, I will not give up without a fight!

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