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Well, it’s been a busy summer around here. First off, our oldest son, Michael. will be starting at Dennison University at the end of the month.


Then, I was told that I’m a Diabetic. Something that wasn’t really unexpected being that it’s on both sides of my family and is what killed my father back in 1994. Never being one to let shit like that get to me, I’ve been in my workshop toying around with new ideas, most of which will involve getting a CNC machine. Now those machines are not cheap, anywhere from a grand to a $100,000+. So, be the end of this week, I’ll be launching a go fund me page that I hope  will allow me to raise the money. Once the page is up and running, I’ll post the link to it on here.


Today would have been my brothers 65th birthday and he’s been on my mind all day. He had been in the hospital for a month before he died last year, but did that bitch say anything to me or my nephew, hell no. It was only after he died and was on his way to the oven that we found out. So there was no saying goodbye, no closure. At the wake, she had a table full of his stuff that she was giving away, the rest, including family heirlooms, she sent to auction without consulting anyone else in the family. Now before you say, well she was his wife after all, they had been seperated  for 2  years and were getting a divorce. She refused to allow either myself or my nephew even an ounce of his remains unless we paid her $1,600, so where he ended up at I don’t even know. She won’t even provide either one us with a copy of the will. So this weekend, is really playin with my mind.

We were 11 years &  5 days apart, so we would always find the most sarcastic birthday cards to send one another & call each other on our respective birthdays.  And when I turned 50 4 years ago, we got together and had a few.

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

It’s hard to heal when there is no place to grieve.


In other developments, I have cancelled the new website in favor of another web hosting company. A company that will allow a much better site overall. The downside is that it will be offline until the first week of Feb. In the meantime, I’m working on what might be called a “collectors set”, a set the would cover 4 rings, nickel, dime, quarter & half dollar. Hope to have the first set done by tonight.

For the past two years, Number one daughter has been wanting me to take her to get a gun and teach her how to use it. Each time I talked her out of it. This afternoon, she called me and said to meet her at the local gun shop because she was bound and determined to get one. Well Chipmunk, who not only hates guns, hates that I own several and have taken Jacob shooting at times, went all out batshit crazy! Saying among other things that she would hold me personally responsible if I allowed Mae, who by the way will be 25 in 3 weeks, to buy a gun! And that I might as well shoot myself now because she would kill me if I allowed it and anything bad happened!

Now, I sure as hell ain’t about to shoot myself. And I did later talk to Mae and convince her to wait on buying a gun. But for Chipmunk to blame me for something that Mae wants to do, being that she is an adult, or to be so anti gun is to me illogical. For one thing, I have never told or encouraged Mae to go buy a gun. In fact its been the exact opposite. But I do know that she has been stalked an or harassed by her boyfriends ex. And I assume that that has something to do with it. So the way I see it, if she insists on buying one, then going with her to make sure that she gets one that’s best for her and teaching her the correct way to use it is far better than getting angry at buying one. Or am I wrong?

I have included in this the youtube links to two other of the Kustom Kastings videos as well as to the Kustom Kastings facebook page. I hope that you all enjoy them as well as tell others so both can grow.






And these are to the other facebook pages that I admin





And last but not least, the Freaky Paranormal Youtube channel where you will find the Ghost/evp videos that I done of the last few years.




I share these now simply because I feel that you all should see just what else I’m into. \

As you can see, my interests are very diverse and always have been. Counting my own personal face book page, I admin 5 by myself and co-admin one other. And between that and  actually creating things, that doesn’t give much time for a social life.



Well, just had a words with the so called “Better” half. She closes tonight up at Wendys, for those that don’t know it, she’s an assistant manager. I assumed that I would drive her being that my cars brakes still need work so I could take Jacob to the soccer game that his teacher had organized for some of the kids as a reward. When she saw me getting dressed, the words were, “where do you think you’re going” and when I said about Jacob her response was simply “I don’t care.”   Seems that I’m to blame for everything, my car not being fixed yet, the washer not being fixed and the loss of the internet. Now, let me set things straight.

My car:

Although it is true that I stopped working on it for the time being, the reason is simple. I need a set of line wrenches that when I told her that, I was told tough luck. So, I have to wait until next week when I get my SSI check, a measly $248.00.

The washer:

Again, it comes down to money. I’m sure I know what part is screwed, but I cannot afford the part. I only get $248 a month, she gets almost $2,000! But it’s me that she expects to pay for a $100+ part!

The Internet:

Now this I do normally pay, and come next week, I will make a double payment to get it back on. Reason it wasn’t paid, because I had tried to use the auto pay at Menards to buy a propane cylinder, I tried 3 times and thought it was busted. I later found out that even though I never got it, it ended up charging me close to $150! When I asked her to pay it this month, she got pissed. And yet there have been times when she has asked me to pay something extra and I wasn’t being given a freaking choice about it.

What I can’t figure out is what the hell does she do with her money, which by the way is a forbidden subject. She doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. She doesn’t gamble. So just where is her money going??

I also admit that there are times when I just want to say “FUCK IT” and leave, but that’s what my oldman did to me and I’ll be damned if I do it to my own kids. That’s also why I’m so intent in bringing in more of my own money by way of my artwork. Maybe then, if and when I make as much if not more than she does, I can knock her off that high horse of hers and she’ll come to her senses.

Over the past year I have been trying out new things and ways to make money. After designing and selling shirts for the past 15 years it dawned on me that all that I have made won’t last for more than a few years. And like all creative people, I want what I do to be here long after I’m dead and buried.

So, I first tried my hand at coin rings, and although I haven’t given up on them, I still have a way to go before I can think of selling any.

Then, I started making peace pipe bowls and found that I’m good at it and I intend to keep on doing them though I haven’t made any this year.

Then a few months ago, I got back into metal casting. Ten years ago I had made some life casts in lead shot of both me and Michael. But had not continued do to the fact that I had know way of melting other metals. Over the winter, I built my first small foundry, out was a total failure do to the crucible failing and the metal burning right through the bottom. So I built a second one, this time using a regular graphite crucible. I have since cast three small aluminum skulls and one mini skull. And I admit that I love it! But, casting in aluminum is boring, what I want to do is something no one that I can find had ever done. That is to cast a knife in bronze of a modern design using the lost foam method. To this end, I have built a 3rd foundry, have switched my fuel source from charcoal to propane, and within the next two weeks, will attempt to cast what will be the only bronze hunting knife in the world if successful. If I can do this, and it I can repeat it, then I will combine everything, the castings, coin rings, pipes and the shirts under the name Standing Bear Trading Company.

I will also go on kickstarter, in order to raise money for a trailer so I can travel and do art shows. The premiums being different castings. The ultimate casting, one which there will only ever be one, will be my mothers headstone.

An hour ago I received word that my brother, who had been battling cancer, had passed on to the other side. He had just turned 64 last month, 5 days before I turned 53. And with his passing, I now am the oldest of this branch of the family. We never had any sisters, and our only other brother, Jerry, died back in 86. Our father passed in 94 and our mother in 2010. Although we had a niece & a nephew, and me and Chipmunk have 4 kids of our own. He never had any. It feels very strange to realize that your now the oldest, I’ the one that was the hellraiser, I’m the one that was always either getting shot, stabbed, on some fool hair brained adventure somewhere or for that matter being pronounced dead, which I have been 3 times in my life. And although I value my wife and kids, I can’t help but feel alone with this news. News that I wouldn’t even know about had it not been for a facebook post that my nephew had posted tonight. I had no idea that he was even back in the hospital let alone had died because his bitch of an ex-wife never bothered to call me. And before anyone dares comment on that, we would have gotten along fine i she hadn’t commented about my getting married to a Filippina. Just because she’s a racist doe’s not give her the right to dictate how I live my life and I made it known. It never effected the relationship me and my brother had though for we wouldn’t allow it to. And I give a rats ass about any money he might or might not of had. I DO THOUGH want certain family heirlooms, the paintings that our father’s father had done, my mothers fathers little wagon that he had when he was a kid and the family photo’s that would mean jack shit to her.   And, being that I’m sure that he had made his final arrangements, if they are for cremation, I want his ashes. These things are NOT up to debate!


Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Today the high court refused to hear appeals from 5 states over lower court rulings that legalized same sex marriage in those states. While I personally have no view on the issue one way or the other. It pisses me off that these crazy bastards want to impose their warped views on others all in the name of their God. These crazies feel that their beliefs must be imposed on everyone and are no better than Isis! The are indeed the American Taliban, They just can’t live knowing that somebody somewhere in this country is living their life the way they want to and not by their petty, bigoted  point of view. I don’t give a rats ass if a gay or lesbian couple want to get married, why? Because IT’S NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS! Nor is it yours or their’s. But only the couple that is getting  married.

If they want to be unhappy like have of all married couples, I say let them and mind your own damn business and stay out of other peoples! If you’re not gay, don’t believe in gay marriage than don’t marry a person thats gay. Or in other words, Mind your own damn business   

Never leave your ax lying around

I’ve been fighting a deep blue funk all week & what happened tonight didn’t help any. I had heard what sounded like one of the boys hammering in their room. Thing is that it didn’t sound right. so, I go in and find Jacob, the 8 yr old, taking my heart ax and chopping bits out of Michael’s bed!!. Needless to say I went fuckin ballistic. Juliet doesn’t as yet know being that she’s closing tonight and won’t be home til around 2.

The thing is when I asked him why, first he denied it, then when I proved that the ax fit the marks said nothing. I’ve never known him to do anything even remotely like this before, so why he would do this now I don’t know. Michael, who is 12 took it in stride which was surprising for if it had been me I would have beat the shit out of him. Instead, He went to bed without his dinner and is grounded until further notice. And my heart ax has been put away.

For the past couple of weeks or so there has been much ado about Hospitals & schools that are owned by churches having to offer birth control to their employees. The hypocrites refuse to cover a woman’s right to birth control and yet they claim that they are pro poor and pro families. You cannot be “pro” family and oppose a woman’s basic right to decide for herself on this most basic and personal choice. They wrap themselves in the constitution and yet this is not a constitutional issue, nor is it a moral one. It is instead a personal health issue, one that should be left up to each and every women to decide for themselves. Those who think otherwise are guilty of the exact same oppression that they accuse the Government of practicing.