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Well, in one hour and 7 minutes we will say goodbye to 2015. I must admit that I’ll be glad to get rid of it. For although this year has seen my finally get the hang of making coin rings, the latest is below.


It also saw the death of my only living brother, and with him gone, all I have is Chipmunk, the kids & a Niece and Nephew. So will I be sad to see 2015 go, no, I won’t.

And I’m not about to make like I’m gonna freakin change in the coming year. I’m gonna be the exact same honest S.O.B. at 12:01 as I was at 11:59!

Now, I also have something that has been a bit of an experiment.  5 days ago, I again turned on Audacity and this time let it run for one hour here in the bedroom which was locked. I then went downstairs to work on a coin ring. The link below will take you what was recorded and some of it is a little disturbing.




I have included in this the youtube links to two other of the Kustom Kastings videos as well as to the Kustom Kastings facebook page. I hope that you all enjoy them as well as tell others so both can grow.






And these are to the other facebook pages that I admin





And last but not least, the Freaky Paranormal Youtube channel where you will find the Ghost/evp videos that I done of the last few years.




I share these now simply because I feel that you all should see just what else I’m into. \

As you can see, my interests are very diverse and always have been. Counting my own personal face book page, I admin 5 by myself and co-admin one other. And between that and ¬†actually creating things, that doesn’t give much time for a social life.

Living on a main road in the city can be fun. we’re only a block from a high school plus there’s a bus stop right out front so when the weather turns good like it has this week, we get to sit on the front porch and watch the freak show go by. Sometimes it comes from the kids, sometimes from people waiting at the bus stop and at other times its from the carry out that’s right across the street. Living in a small town, or out in the country you don’t get the free “entertainment” that you do in the city. Of course this being an election year, the Repuplicant’s are staging their own freak show. But that one is down right scary. The freak shows that go up and down Cleveland Ave are hilarious.

Well, as of today we are selling signs in addition to our t’s. There’s only 4 at the moment and I’m debating if any one them should be political. For politics changes very rapidly in this country, and a sign is a lot more long lasting than any shirt is. Which is why none of the mugs were or will be political. The signs by the way are going for $25.00 each.

As many know we have had to move our website. We had it on Microsoft’s Office Live platform which they are in their greed shutting down at the end of this month. So we moved it to their new Office 365 platform and are now paying for it each month, the old site was free. Now I don’t mind paying for it, but they have made it so much of a hassle switching it over plus the new website stats page is so lacking compared to the old one that it really is a pain in the ass. And adding Google Analytic’s is a bitch because it will only record a fraction of your visitors. I really need to find a new way of keeping up with this but so far I have yet to find a solution.

When this month started, I had said that I was going to take a break from designing for the rest of the month in order to rest and recharge my mind. That was 23 days and 70 designs ago. Even when I want to take a break my mind won’t let me. Some would see that as possibly borderline nuts. But to me it is perfectly normal. Being the 4th generation in my family to feel compelled to do artwork, and it is a compulsion, I long since realized that being creative is not something you can turn on or off. I is a part of you, and can become a driving force in ones life. I fought it when I was young and it made me unhappy as hell. But the night John Lennon died I surrendered myself to my creative muse and she hasn’t stopped talking since and I hope she never doe’s.

Well, this month will without a doubt set a new record in website hits. The new site is coming along much faster than I thought and we’re less than 5 designs away from having a total of 1,100 designs on the site. Of course I was to stop designing or at least posting them until the new site was up and running, but that just isn’t me. I wake up early this morning because I had some pounding on the door waiting to pop out of my head and when you are that way, the only thing that stops you is a coma or death. I’ve also been working on some hotdog designs as a special project for Ben Wilson. So in case your wondering why there’s ones dealing with food, that’s why.

Last night we post our 1,000th design on the site. I am sure that they will piss off any so called conservative due to the fact that they have no working minds to speak of. I’ve worked long and hard to get to 1,000. And thought that I would feel some relief for I have achieved my goal of having that many designs on the site by or before I officially turn 50, which I do this Saturday. But instead, it has just lead to even more stuff popping into my mind. Even though I intend to take the rest of whats left of this month off from working on more, I doubt if that will be that case for something like this becomes to much of a habit, the muse just keeps talking and you find yourself compelled to do more.

Of course, with the current number of designs on the site, that is 4 times more than most other T-shirt companies have on there’s. Wonder if I can double it by this time next year?

A lot of so called religious people think that when a person dies the go either to heaven or hell with nothing inbetween. But that is something that I myself extremely freakin doubt. After studying the subject for over 30 years and being pronounced dead myself 3 times I have came up with my own ideas about what really awaits us on the other side. And if goes something like this.

Here we have Fred, Fred is dead. having died while screwing his mistress. Fred looks around not really knowing just what the hell is going on and see’s a guy standing in the corner. Now Fred, having just expired, is a little confused. He looks at the bed and see’s his body lying there, his mistress freakin out on the phone to 911 and some creepy looking moron standing in the corner looking at him with a big grin on his face saying that must suck.

Fred is then told that he is indeed dead. and that the s.o.p. is for him to stay with his body until the funeral, that way it will ease the time when he has to finally say goodbye. So He travels with his body to the coroner’s office where he meets a lot of others who are also newly dead, abd then on to the undertakers to await his own viewing. He rather likes the funeral itself, though is a little annoyed that he didn’t outlive cousin Dick who is indeed a dickhead. And is assured that old Dick will be pushing up his own daisy’s in an even more embarrassing way real soon.

Once the wake is over Fred is informed that he has to go, and that the is no Hell and that Heaven as he has always thought of it isn’t real either. No, instead, Fred is told that he had better start looking for a house or an apartment to haunt, and that also means getting a job. Now with a puzzled look, Fred asks if there is no heaven or hell, then what is the meaning or purpose to life. His case worker looks at him and says very bluntly that it is for man to learn from his mistakes and to overcome his fears. And only in that can he move on to what awaited in the next life. Well, Fred thinks about this and asks “well, if that’s the case, why do we have to keep working, haven’t we earned a rest?” And is told that you work not for money in the afterlife but as a way to keep busy. And Fred then of course ask’s about God, and is told that no one even in the afterlife meets God because God isn’t a being but a cosmic force that binds the universe together, that God is the universe itself.

So Fred finds himself a job tending bar, a nice little house to haunt and in the time he has to himself reflects on the meaning of his life. That is until his wife dies 25 years later, moves in with him and from then on never lets him live down just how he embarrassed her by dying as he did in the first place.

And now for todays designs.

Finally 700 and counting!!

Just now we just posted our 700th Design! Which is something I thought would take another year to do. I often wonder what our “Roommates” think about what I do, Of course when it comes to my mother I don’t for she was a commercial artist in life and bought many of my designs when she was alive. But I do wonder what the other 3 think, I think I’ll ask them during the session on monday.