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I’t’s been awhile since I recorded a video for the roost. Mainly because I was hoping that this country would come to its senses and thrown Trump as his asshole cronies out of office. But being that that still hasn’t happened. Here’s the new video.





The CBO has issued their report, “Trumpcare” with strip 14 million of their insurance within a year. Cost 24 million their insurance by 2026 & raise premiums by 25%. The trolls are jumping with joy, which just proves that they don’t give a shit if anyone else lives or dies as long as they themselves don’t. And yet, these same people claim that they’re “Christians”. Last time I read the new testament, I could have sworn that Jesus commanded people to care for the poor and the sick, and yet these morons seem to look over that, and would rather concentrate on people that are gay who Jesus said jack shit about. These same people, claim that this is a so-called “Christian Nation” and claim that they live by Christian beliefs while condemning refugees that simply want to get away from the bullets and bombs in a country that we ourselves destabilized. They also claim that there must be separation of church and state all the while demanding that the bible be taught in schools.

These are the morons that are now for the most part in charge of running the country, mainly because other morons voted for them because deep down they are fucking racist, bigoted assholes that if Jesus came back today would call him a socialist radical and have him deported for being an illegal alien. This is not America nor is it the American way. This is the ‘Merican Taliban/Isis that will not be satisfied until they make this country a “Christian” hellhole. These are the slimeballs that Trump and his kind draw out from under their rocks and feel right at home wearing all black shouting Sieg Heil and Hail Trump.

These people must be exposed and opposed at every turn. We must resist these warped minded morons that would destroy what this country has standed for for the past 241 years. They don’t care what the founders of this country wanted, for they believe fully the delusion that the founders like Jefferson were as much as a bigot as they are. And won’t open their eyes to the fact that Jefferson was one of the biggest liberals of his day as well as were the other founding fathers.


The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, whose job it is is to figure out the impact that laws will have on people in this country has stated today that “Trumpcare” will cause 14 million people who gained health Insurance under the ACA to lose it within the first year of Trumpcare. When told this, Paul Ryan, the current speaker on the house said that that number didn’t bother him and that he was going forward with the plan. Of course it doesn’t bother him, he gets free healthcare for life and we pay for it!

And remember, that 14 million figure is just how many would lose their insurance within the first year, those on medicaid would slowly lose it between now and 2020. So the grand total would be closer to 18-20 million people that would lose insurance within the next 4 years!

Is this the “Change” you voted for? Is this what you really want? I can’t think of the morons name, but hes a Rethuglican in congress who said just the other day that “Poor people don’t want insurance” for “Jesus says it in the bible, that the poor will always be with us.” Just how in the fuck he gets that the poor or even that middle class do not what insurance from that bible quote I have no bloody idea. But this is the mentality that we have running the damn government.

An as for those so-called health tax credits, a tax credit is basicly a deduction. So my question is, if you don’t have the freaking money to begin with to afford the freaking insurance, what good is the fucking deduction do you?? And the deductions are only from $2,000-$4,000 depending of if it’s just you or if you have a family. Now if your paying say $600 a month or more in premiums, your still losing a freaking big chunk of money. And if you have one of these Health Savings accounts, you manage to save say $5,000 in it. but your hospital bill is $25,000-$30,000. Then what the fuck do you do? Who wants or can afford a $20,000+ deductible?

No, this shit has to be opposed and opposed big before Trump and his jackbooted thugs completely destroy this country!

While everyone is wondering exactly what is going to happen now that the Donald is President and both houses are led by the GOP/TEA. haven’t done anything for this country in 8+ years, but now they will……. SMDH

Here’s a little taste,
Social Security is gone. all that money you and I invested in our future there, will be stolen. You’re welcome Grandma.

planned parenthood closed with no alternative place for all their other services. without the ACA, you’ll be enjoying an ER visit and bill. whoops , sorry pay up.

no abortion for anyone , including rape victims who will have to allow parental rights to their rapist.

More tax breaks at the top and still no trickle down, you and I just get to pay for it.

never mind all of these little pet “have to go” programs on their list. (see pic)

So enjoy your smog filled air, poisoned water and dirt you can’t eat anything that grows on it. this is what you wanted, so not a damn word when the unintended consequences of YOUR actions come back to roost.

You own Trump. He’s all yours. remember how you were all about Gee Dub, then acted like you never backed him when he slit this countries throat….. you don’t get to run from your responsibility this time.

Our kids will thank you for a clean world to thrive in, no time for that, they’ll have to work in the mills too. not like any of us in my list will make it without more hours in the workplace.

You get the gist. he and the Republicans have been salivating for this chance . we barely survived 2000-2008, We the People CAN NOT survive another collapse.

good luck to all of us.


It would seem as though we of the internet have become so big of a threat that the company in Langley has started pysops against the whole world. It’s nothing new that some in the intell community feel that the handing over of the internet for civilian use was the greatest mistake in all of history and that the internet is now the greatest threat to government. SO, being that they ┬ácannot pull the plug, the company has now the software to “create” users with full backgrounds in order to manipulate and even start events and alter news that gets reported. Now, is this legal? If the company uses it only for overseas ops, yes. The charter of Central Intelligence forbids it from operating within the borders of the United States. But, if they are using this ability here in the U.S., then they are indeed running an illegal operation and it MUST be shut down.

Over the last few years, I myself have noticed the manipulation as well as the omission of the nightly news but local and national. Case in point. The other day I needed to go to the local hardware store to pick up a new outlet. 2 doors down from there is the Innis road post office branch that delivers our mail here in the neighborhood. Just past where you pull into the hardware store to a block past the post office the road was shut down, the post office was full of EMT’s, fire trucks, cops and what looked like the feds. Now you would think that even if it was a drill, something like that would at least get some mention on the local news. In reality it got none, nada, zip. Now that is just one example of what has been going on all around the country in recent years.

So let me just offer a bit of advice, that next blog you read, that next facebook page you like that next news story that somehow doesn’t seem quite right might e legit or it might be run by the spooks at spook central.



Well here it is, this weeks Rebels Roost video.



Like any Liberal, I have always valued different points of view for that is what has always made this country work. But if you have been paying attention to what has been going on in this country the past few years, you have to admit that there are a lot of people that totally despise anyone with a point of view that isn’t like their’s. They call themselves by different names, Evangelicals, the Religious Right, Born Again’s. They are the CONservatives. They are not only killing the G.O.P., but they are doing their best to kill this country and turn it into a police state! Have have declared war on the poor, middle class, gays, lesbians and women. They are ignorance incarnate and do not care about people anymore, only profit and loss.

If there is a class war in this country it is of their own making. People say that it is all because a Black man got elected, and that is only partly true. The election of Obama simply awakened them to something they never thought possible, that a non-white would ever be elected as president. Which has opened up their demented twisted little minds to the possibility that a Latino could be next. And after that, a woman. But the one person that scares them the most isn’t a black, latino or even a woman as president. It is the fact that sooner or later, a Native American could and will someday be elected. You see, the other 3 groups were for the most part simply oppressed and enslaved. But Native Americans were the victims of attempted genocide. And they fear what would happen should a Lakota, Apache, cree or heaven forbid a Cherokee were ever elected. What they fail to realize is that unlike them, Native Americans long ago realized that such vengeance would be pointless. And yet they are bound and determined to let this delusion drive them to turn this country into a cross between Iran and 1984.

What can a normal, free thinking person do t stop this? first off, come November vote every last Republican out of office on all levels, local, state & federal. Second, force the lobbyists out of the congress, pressure for the repeal of citizens united and press for the health care that these bastards are trying to take away from you!

Push back America before it’s too late. push til it gives and then push some more. For evil cannot win in a free society unless the people allow it to.

In the past week we have seen the NDAA and SOPA passed in the Congress. This two bills will not only censor what you see on the internet, but will give the government the power to throw your ass in prison and hold you without charge all in the name of national security. And what will Obama do, will he veto this crap like he first said he would? No. He has buckled once again and said that he will sign both.

As a student of history, this all reminds me of Germany in the late 20’s, early 30’s. And we all know what happened then. I for one refuse to tow the line. The powers that be are afraid, they are afraid of the Occupy movement, they are afraid of how easy the internet can bring people together, they are afraid of YOU!

I do not know what others might do, but I will now go quietly into the night, I will not give up without a fight!

And now for todays designs.

I mentioned before about the NDAA, The National ReAuthoriztion Act, that has since passed both houses of Congress and Obama has caved in and said that he will sign it. The bill says that America is a “Battleground” and allows Americans to be held without charge or even a hearing for as long as the government deems necessarily. Or in other words, turns this country into a police state. It is more than ironic that it passed yesterday, which was ” National Bill of Rights” day. It is said that the white house is full of ghosts, so I wonder how they feel about this betrayal by the congress of the Constitution that they are sworn to up hold. I am betting that they are not happy campers.

With that said, below are todays designs, can you guess which was designed with the NDAA in mind?

Police State America!!!!

When I read this today I was pissed! The link below exposes a bill in congress called The National Defense Authorization Act, if passed this act would finally allow the Evangelicals and Conservatives to create a police state right here in America. It would do away with the bill of rights and allow a creation of a national police force using the army that could arrest you and hold you, without trial & not even have to charge you, for as long as they wished. This bill must be stopped!! Don’t let them turn America into Amerika!